Our Song

We’re Steve and Johanna Brannon! Between us we have over thirty years of experience working with children and in education. We have both worked with a wide age range, including individuals with special needs. We initially met in 2013 on a diversified biodynamic farm in upstate New York when Steve brought his 4th grade class on an educational overnight program which Johanna was facilitating. For years we worked separately in education and childcare while providing consultation and support to one another. Since opening Birdsong Play Garden in July 2021, we have been thrilled to work together, marrying our strengths to develop a loving nest in which your little songbirds can thrive.

Johanna Brannon

Prior to founding Birdsong Play Garden, Ms. Jo nannied young children using Waldorf wisdom for five years and before that led experiential education on farms in Arkansas, South Dakota, and New York. She earned an associate’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Sacramento City College and is training to become an anthroposophic nurse. She believes that abundant time in nature is fundamental to young children’s development into healthy adults. In her free time Ms. Jo loves birding, climbing trees, and embroidering.

Steve Brannon

Mr. Steve is a preschool, elementary, and middle school teacher who has been working in AWSNA accredited Waldorf schools since 2003. He earned his undergraduate degree from Goddard College and is a graduate of the West Coast Institute’s Waldorf teacher training in Vancouver, B.C. Mr. Steve is also a graduate of the year-long visual arts intensive at Free Columbia painting school in the Hudson Valley. Most recently he graduated the Davis Waldorf School 8th grade class of 2019, having been their lead teacher since 5th grade.

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