The Importance of Play

This is the second in our series of videos on topics central to early childhood and our programming. What memories do you have of play as a child? Share your thoughts with us here or join the conversation on Instagram, @birdsongplaygarden.

Introducing Birdsong Play Garden

We’re excited to share the first in a series of videos highlighting core aspects of our program and educational approach!  This series is intended for both prospective families as well the broader community that has been coalescing around our Birdsong Play Garden Instagram account.  We’re smitten to have 232 followers to date and are thankful …

Introducing Birdsong Play Garden

Welcome to our Blog!

We’re just getting up and running here at birdsongplaygarden.com. Our hope is to use this blog page to post updates on how our play garden is developing as well as things relating to our shared work as educators and parents. Stay tuned for more!

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